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New Life Fellowship - details of meetings



  6.00 pm

 Family celebration including

 Breaking of Bread


  2.00 pm

 Friendship Group


   7.30 pm

 Prayer in your place

All the meetings are held in Osborne Hall except for Prayer in your place which, as the name suggests, happens wherever you are..

The Friendship Group is a time where people meet together to share readings, enjoy quizzes and have a good chat

while enjoying a lovely cup of tea or coffee. There is a weekly charge of £1 but the cup of tea and biscuit or cake is worth

that sum alone. Come along and introduce yourself. Veronica is the leader so tell her where you heard of the group.

Prayer in your place is thought by many to be the most important time of the week because it is where we join together in our own

homes to pray to God and thank Him for prayers He has already answered for us and then to bring the needs of our congregation

and others to him. 



New Life Fellowship is a Registered Charity in England No 1052010

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