My story

Mole vanishes!


In the early spring of 2015 a freckle on my left temple started to grow in size and shape and changed colour, it raised up and became a mole.  By the late autumn it was looking nasty.

I had it checked out by the doctor who was quite concerned about it and sent me to a plastic surgeon.

Also around this time two moles on my back decided to change and became very worrying.  Again I was sent to the plastic surgeon who decided to remove all three moles and biopsy them to check for cancer.

So I arrived in the operating theatre on 6th January 2016 to have three moles removed.

The surgeon checked the two moles on my back and then said, “Where’s the one on your head?”  I pointed to the spot on my left temple and said that’s where it was.  There was no sign of a mole or a freckle now!

I told the surgeon I believed that due to all the prayers from the church family and friends I’d been healed.

She didn’t like the idea so wrote in my notes “the mole had just dropped off”…but I know different and give God all the glory.

Since then I have been back to see the surgeon who told me that the two moles she had removed from my back had been cancerous but it was common skin cancer and not the type that infects other areas or is likely to kill you. 

Praise the Lord for what He has done for me.



January 2016

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