Church Council

The Church Council consists of the following people:

Robert Proud

I have been attending this church all my life and have been part of the church family longer than anyone else.  I have filled most roles in the church over the years but am honoured to have been appointed as the Pastor in 2007.  Along with my wife Veronica we just love our Church Family so much and look forward to what God has in store for us all.

Veronica Proud I started coming to this church when I was 13 and like Bob have filled most of the roles.  I even met my future husband in this church and Bob and I were married in our old building in 1973.  I am passionate about God and as Bob said we love this Church Family so much and know that God is going to bless us all.
Margaret Wood Margaret has been part of the Church Council since March 2009.  She has recently had both knees and one hip replaced: a bit like the bionic woman.
Carole French Carole has been a member of New Life Fellowship since 1989 and has a real heart for this church.  She is a faithful prayer warrior and although she has not enjoyed great health of late she still wants to know how other people are doing and whether they need extra prayer.  The newest member of our Church Council. 



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