Sponsored children

Maxx - Columbia

With Melaryn having now graduated we are pleased to add to our family 8 year old Maxx.  Maxx De Jesus Ortega Forero (to give him his full name) lives with his parents and younger brother in a small dwelling in Columbia.  The conditions where he lives are very basic with little in the way of public services such as electricity and no water supply or sanitation; things we take for granted.

His father works when he can and will do any job available but even then he rarely earns enough to support his family.

  • Maxx likes to play football with his friends.
  • Favourite food is soup
  • Favourite colour is blue
  • Maxx wants to become a policeman and protect people.

Welcome to the family Maxx; you are very welcome.



Please pray for these young people and if you are interested in contributing to their sponsorship please see Pastor Bob. 



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