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Maxx - Columbia

With Melaryn having now graduated we are pleased to add to our family 8 year old Maxx.  Maxx De Jesus Ortega Forero (to give him his full name) lives with his parents and younger brother in a small dwelling in Columbia.  The conditions where he lives are very basic with little in the way of public services such as electricity and no water supply or sanitation; things we take for granted.

His father works when he can and will do any job available but even then he rarely earns enough to support his family.

  • Maxx likes to play football with his friends.
  • Favourite food is soup
  • Favourite colour is blue
  • Maxx wants to become a policeman and protect people.

Welcome to the family Maxx; you are very welcome. (2018)

In 2021, we were able to welcome another young man from Columbia into our family.  His name is Santiago Betancur Loaiza.

Date of Birth: 31/08/2015

Fathers Name: Carlos Betancur Cifuentes

Mothers Name: Lina Maria Loaiza Alvarez

Area: Santa Marta

Santiago is a friendly and polite boy who lives with his parents and brothers in a small two roomed dwelling. Conditions are basic with no supply of running water; this is provided once a week. Santiago enjoys playing football with his friends. He loves eating bean soup and pasta and cheese and his favourite colour is red. When he is older Santiago would like to be a policeman.

Two young men who both want to become policemen.


Please pray for these young people and if you are interested in contributing to their sponsorship please see Pastor Bob. 



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